Mercy X Mankind

Mercy X Mankind (”MXM”) was formed in 2014 by American-Pakistani designer Isaac Saqib. Isaac is a self-taught designer who grew up in New York and his collections are an abstract expression of conversations on the unity of mankind through faith, struggle, love, and empathy. MXM collections explore human emotions and assert the power of understanding others and ourselves through mercy. All MXM products are made in New York, with the exception of leather goods which Saqib insists on having artisanally constructed in his mother country of Pakistan as a way of giving back to his roots. Almost every garment produced in New York is made to order by an Asian-American-led single seamstress factory located in Queens, New York, at fair pricing under the direct supervision of Isaac. Luxury with humans in mind. 10% from the sale of every product sold is given to a charitable organization.