Closet Children

Closet Children is the dreamchild of Rachael Cheong. In the cradle of her studio, she weaves and welds fairy tales into fantastical objects that amplify the power of their bearers. 

Originally the name of her teenage fashion blog, the name Closet Children is Rachael’s homage to her adolescent beginnings, where she first delved into documenting clothes, fantasy, and the transformative abilities to dress up. Enamoured by the bejeweled metamorphic ornaments of magical girl heroines, Rachael creates hardwear and softwear armour for the body, layering hyper-femme gossamer softness with jagged, steely presentation.  

Closet Children encapsulates the transformative power of dressup and self-adornment. Our pieces grant their owners aegis, and audacity. Imbued with the tension between girlish wonder and the killer instincts of an iron maiden, we ensure the wearer is always ready for battle.