Rashhiiid is Ireland's most sought-after faux fur hat designer. Her striking hats have been worn by Ariana Grande, Vanessa Hudgens, Rosalía, Sita Abellan and more.

Rachel made her first hat whilst completing her fourth and final year of garment construction in a university in Ireland. The need for self expression and pushing boundaries at the core of her inspiration, she quickly and accidentally picked up on the local desire for her hat designs. It was during a time of restrictions, where face coverings and a 6 feet distance from other human beings was mandatory. People were coming over to ask could they touch the hat, or try it on. Everywhere she went no matter the age nor gender people wanted to know about the hat. She noticed her design was at times sparking human connection and a little distraction from the dark times so a lightbulb went off. Very soon after making herself a hat, every student in her classroom at the time were among her customers. It has been her full time job ever since. With celebrity endorsements and respected publications such as Dazed, championing her hat designs she has taken her business global. Rachel urges you to wear her bold hats with the inner beauty and self confidence that we all possess.