• Technological Fragments N°5
  • Technological Fragments N°5
  • Technological Fragments N°5
  • Technological Fragments N°5
  • Technological Fragments N°5
  • Technological Fragments N°5

Cyber Praying Mantis

Technological Fragments N°5

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Technological Fragments N°5 is a handcrafted pendant in 925 silver with a recycled steel chain.

The heart of this pendant is a recycled green microchip captured and absorbed by 925 silver, creating a unique piece that tells a story of the connection between technology and the organic.

His story :
In the farthest reaches of the universe, a strange transformation had taken place. A new extraterrestrial species had arisen from the unlikely convergence of microchips and strange silver coming from the stars. These glittering creatures were composed of silver threads woven around microchip cores. Their intelligence was interconnected through these microchips, enabling them to communicate instantaneously over cosmic distances. Despite their technological appearance, these creatures had a deep connection with the natural universe. They maintained a symbiotic relationship with the stars, absorbing energy from the stars to power their microchips and regenerate themselves.

Orbiting among the constellations, one of them uses its singular structure to capture the energetic frequencies of the stars. He can then channel these energies into coded light and light signal bursts. This power enables him to communicate with other members of his species across space, creating a cosmic web of interconnection that transcends distance.

This item is handmade.

Color: Silver

Material: 925 silver, recycled green microchip, recycled steel chain

Details: Adjustable chain size with clasp 

Dispatch Time: 2-3 business days

Care Instructions: Please note many products contain sharp edges and must be worn with care and caution. Keep silver 925 away from pools/seawater to prevent potential damage. Remove jewelry containing electronic chips, steel chains, or plastic stones before washing hands. Avoid wearing them during dirty jobs or exposure to chemicals.

Size: Length: 1.85in Width: 1.49in Pendant: 1.85in - 1.96in