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Tafoni Belt

Regular price $400.00
Inspired by its namesake, this belt is sturdy, thick, and pierced-looking (in Sicilian, tafonare means to perforate). It is designed to echo tafoni rocks' cratered and beautifully pitted, textured look. Hand-woven with large steel rings and adorned with steel balls for a heavy and grounding feel.

This item is handmade.

Color: Silver

Material: 100% stainless steel

Details: Measures 29.5" to 36.5" but can be clasped anywhere along the length of the belt for a smaller fit.

Dispatch Time: 2-3 business days

Care Instructions: Stainless steel is water-safe and tarnish and rust-resistant. It is also extremely durable and considered hypoallergenic. Clean only with dish soap and water.

Size: Length 36.5"