• Scorpion Family N°5
  • Scorpion Family N°5
  • Scorpion Family N°5
  • Scorpion Family N°5
  • Scorpion Family N°5
  • Scorpion Family N°5

Cyber Praying Mantis

Scorpion Family N°5

Regular price $175.00

Scorpion Family is a handcrafted pendant in 925 silver with a recycled steel chain.

The heart of this pendant is a recycled stone captured and absorbed by 925 silver.

In a strange and mysterious climate, a metamorphosis between new forms of minerals and arachnids had taken place. Their hearts, instead of beating, were in fact, solid, enigmatic, and powerful gems. The silver threads woven around their bodies formed a complex network, acting as a unique means of communication. Their intelligence was interconnected through this mesh, enabling them to exchange information across vast distances. They fed on the mysterious particles floating in the air, connecting to the complex web of the surrounding microcosm. Their presence recalls the beauty of the interconnection between the living and the mineral and an enigmatic dance that reflected the hidden secrets of unexplored worlds.

This item is handmade.

Color: Silver

Material: 925 silver, moonstone, recycled steel chain

Details: Sharp ends can get caught in clothing or fabric—adjustable chain size with clasp.

Dispatch Time: 2-3 business days

Care Instructions: Please note many products contain sharp edges and must be worn with care and caution. Keep silver 925 away from pools/seawater to prevent potential damage. Remove jewelry containing electronic chips, steel chains, or plastic stones before washing hands. Avoid wearing them during dirty jobs or exposure to chemicals.

Size: Length: 2.36in Width: 1.47in Pendant: 6cm