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Buzzing Charms

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Buzzing bees from Oregon's Paloma Farm to buzzing charms!

No bee was harmed to make this buzzing charm. All bees were found pre-dead and gifted to Degrade by the Paloma Farm in Scholls, Oregon. The farm's beekeeper, Carlo Ponzi, found these bees and their hive attacked by Varroa mites. 

Every buzzing bee charm is encased in Degrade's compostable bio-material case to aid in extending the shelf life of this organic jewelry piece.

*Necklace chain not included for this charm

This item is handmade. Please note that every order placed for this style is different given the nature of our biomaterial sourcing and process.

Dispatch Time: 2-3 business days

Material: Paloma Farm Oregon Bees with Sterling Silver hardware.

Biomaterial Care Instructions: Keep your biodegradable jewelry in a cool and dry location when not in use. Avoid wearing them in extreme hot temperatures and from immersing them in water for prolonged periods of time. If the charm start to lose its original shape, leave them in the freezer for 10 minutes to stabilize its shape.

Biomaterial Disposal: Remove the hardware from the biomaterial. The hardware can be up-cycled or recycled. Breaking up the biomaterial into little pieces prior to composting allows for a faster degradation rate. The biomaterial also makes for an excellent time-release fertilizer!

Dimensions: 0.6" by 0.6"

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