As a designer, I'm inspired by the decay of traditional methods of industrial production, and the remnants which are left behind are the things which inspire me in my designs. All the materials I use are sourced second hand, either from small deadstock suppliers or scrap dealers. I like the idea that the materials I use had another life and another purpose before I made them into clothing, and therefore have their own stories of how they came to be. I also think it's important that fashion responds to the needs of a changing planet. I don't want to contribute to overconsumption and the production of too many new materials. Stylistically I'm very much inspired by antique garments. I love their intricacy and uniqueness; mass clothing production for domestic use didn't kick off until the beginning of the 20th century, which means that most pieces from before this time are one of a kind. I use this philosophy in my practice; because everything is currently made my me I can make small changes to every garment to ensure uniqueness for the customer, as well as an interesting work life for me.