Prier de Saône

Established in 2022 by Emily Pearce, Prier de Saône (PDS) is a psychologically charged brand that delves into surrealist concepts, exploring themes like unconscious escapism and nostalgic romanticism. "I'm fascinated by unseen processes, our subliminal fantasies, feelings, and desires - from sleep and dreams to imagination, intuition and hypnosis. This interest is quite personal, too,  since I’ve grown up with a sleep disorder and is very much rooted in my experience."

Prier de Saône is driven by the idea of creating a lasting, buildable wardrobe, with each capsule drop named an 'Episode'. “We want to invite our wearers to immerse themselves in another world - our world. Perhaps they want to feel they can become a new character in that world, whatever their means of escapism might be."