Nor Neither

Nor Neither is an independent designer label founded in 2022 by three contradictory souls: Hailey, Charlotte, and Shin.

The brand uses the platform of atelier and art to embrace self-contradiction and celebrate the beauty of uncertainty. Each collection explores a different stage of one's mind, which conveys the message of uncertainties.

Focusing on the atelier's experimental pattern and precise craftsmanship, Nor Neither's design is dominated by ruffles, gathered straps, and puffed and voluminous silhouettes with a hint of dark romantic flicks. The label only produce to order.

A classification label for our creation: “𝑛⁰” “𝑛¹” “𝑛²” “𝑛³” to reflect its positioning on the spectrum of exaggeration. The higher the number of power, the more experimental the creation will be.

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