CA22 is the latest iteration of Mimi Urízar-Ávila’s ongoing exploration into creation, repurposing of material, movement and decorations for the body. They have been making accessories and modifying clothing since they were a child. They started to sell their pieces in the 2010s when people took an interest in the jewelry they made for themself.

Since then, their brand has taken on several names and directions, all with the goal of experimenting with what jewelry and clothing can look like by reusing and repurposing found materials, fashion scraps, and second-hand clothing and jewelry. They draw inspiration from avant-garde designers such as Junya Watanabe, Vivienne Westwood, Katsuya Kamo, Rick Owens, and Yasuyuki Ishii. All pieces are one of a kind, hand-made by Mimi in Harlem, NYC.