AEX-8 is a protopian accessories brand based in Paris and Brussels. Their jewelry and body ornaments act as poetic, sometimes dramatic, extensions of the body.

They use and develop new technologies with zero waste and carbon neutral objectives. They see Humans as conscious manifestations of nature admiring itself, and believe technology to allow us to wonder beyond our senses to the beauty of nature.
They take the challenges of our times as creative opportunities, a call to define new methods of production and a bold, future oriented aesthetic.
“the root of everything is body ornament”. It’s with this quote from Roland Barthes in mind that we started our jewelry brand. A reflection on the way solid matter is organized, through its various properties and styles.
Both a philosophical wander and an engineer research; this is our solution to integrate digital technology in artisanal jewelry crafting, and vice versa.

Artificial Experiences searches a new meaning for custom made jewelry. Inspired by nature and designed in collaboration with algorithms, we apply cutting edge technologies to luxury production.