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Hope Ollivant

My Angel Pipe

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My Angel merges weed culture and religion, forcing the viewer to recognize their social and cultural similarities. Though these subjects seem to be the antithesis of the other at first glance, both can perpetuate lifelong patterns that affect the masses - specifically the impressionable youth. These include pressure to participate, a sense of community, daily practice, escapism, and delusion.

Hope sources vintage slip-cast molds to cast porcelain pieces, which she transforms into functional items.

This item is made-to-order, expect additional processing time.

Color: White

Material: Porcelain, clear glaze, silver luster

Details: This item is a functional fine art piece. Handle with care.

Dispatch Time: 1-9 weeks

Care Instructions: To clean cover holes, add rubbing alcohol and coarse salt, and shake until the resin is removed.

Size: Length: 4.3"