• Cryogenic Ring N°5
  • Cryogenic Ring N°5

Cyber Mantis

Cryogenic Ring N°5

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Cryogenic is a handcrafted ring in 925 silver.

In an environment where time seems frozen and metal reigns supreme, a new cell form has emerged from the depths of the sea. In this climate where metal reigns, these new cells draw their energy from the surrounding veins of metal. They can synchronize with the energies of the earth, the cosmos, and precious stones to fuel their vitality.

This item is handmade.

Color: Silver

Material: 925 silver

Dispatch Time: 2-3 business days

Care Instructions: Please note many products contain sharp edges and must be worn with care and caution. Keep silver 925 away from pools/seawater to prevent potential damage. Remove jewelry containing electronic chips, steel chains, or plastic stones before washing hands. Avoid wearing them during dirty jobs or exposure to chemicals. Use a jewelry cloth to maintain its sheen.

Size: US 5