Ramp Tramp Tramp Stamp

Ramp Tramp Tramp Stamp (RTTS) is a Sydney, Australia-based label designed by Eckhaus Latta alum Niamh Galea. Established in 2018, RTTS became a full-time operation when Galea dropped out of Parson’s MFA program in Fashion Design and society in 2020. The brand’s mission is to Reject Shame, Act With Love and Dress How You Feel. RTTS has a focus on fit flexibility and endeavors to make clothing that fits a range of genders, body types, and sizes. Galea sees fit flexibility as a lifelong question to be explored and not a realized solution. Ramp Tramp Tramp Stamp rejects the idea that fashion can be sustainable, however believes in making fashion with transparency and an eye to the future.