Naïve Knitwear

If it’s silly to be naïve, then I don’t want to be serious.

Founded in London by Cat Brierley, naïve knitwear is an independent luxury knitwear label re-contextualizing ancient craft techniques in contemporary settings through one-off and small runs of concept-driven knitwear.

Naïve Knitwear uses second hand materials as snippets into other people’s pasts; collating and reimagining them into anarchic versions of themselves. This commitment to second hand materials and ethical craftsmanship allows Cat to hand-pick every fibre, button, and stitch while ensuring the brand is sustainable and ethical.

Naïve Knitwear illustrates their reckless abandon through instinctual hand-painted dye, bold childlike embroidery, twisted collaged silhouettes, and vivid luxury fibres to present the viewer with playful knitwear that defies tradition whilst simultaneously revels in it.

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