*[mæd] made of combination of owners stage name (ILJA MED) and the best-describing word of his creative personality - mad.

"We combine things which are opposite to each other. We fuse A and E, making Æ."

MÆD. is where madness meets sensuality, and fashion takes a bold and empowering twist. Our story is about innovation, self-love, glamour, and a deep-rooted commitment to the environment.

We are the fearless fusion of two worlds - the edgy streetwear that represents the fresh, trendy, and even a tad bit crazy vibe of today's youth and the timeless glamour of eveningwear that exudes madness and uniqueness. Our collections masterfully blend these elements to create a style that's daringly unique and unapologetically mad.

Embrace these curves - life is too short for straight lines.