Helena Eisenhart New York

Helena Eisenhart is an artist and designer from the Bay Area, California. 

Helena Eisenhart New York was established in 2015 in Brooklyn, NY. The brand began as a playful experiment with one of one garments, made from unusual textiles. Some of these include found materials like the vinyl mesh screens from construction sites and knits made from cassette tape. In the past few collections, they have shifted their focus to create more sustainable designs, creating garments and accessories from up-cycled vintage fabrics and trims.

Helena focuses on making each garment with a unisex fit. Each piece is made at their studio in NYC, and combines high end tailoring techniques with a collage of textiles that truly tell their own stories. The past few collections show developments into oil paintings, digital embroideries and screen prints of the designers poetry and sketches onto garments.

Helena’s practice is interdisciplinary, using their background in the arts to blur lines between fashion and art. Their materials are just as important as the work itself, utilizing both a conceptual and intellectual approach to fashion design with a little bit of humor. Their practice is a continuous exploration of their identities, and a way to invite new ways of thinking about items we use or wear daily.