Freckle Farm

"Freckle Farm is a reflection of my passion for repurposing materials and my love for adornments. Use of found materials reflects the beauty I see in the eye-catching color of a broken car window or bottle glass, or the soft hues of a shell in the sand. All the glass I use I have found on the streets of Baltimore, Maryland where my studio is, all the shells have been given to me from friends, and a lot of my beads are second hand. I like the challenge that using found materials gives me, as well as recycling things that might just be discarded as trash. The reason I love making wearable things is because I like the idea of choosing how you want to express yourself in ways other than words. What one wear affects how they feel so much, and I aim to make things that other people can wear to make them feel good." - Rosalie Maguire

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