Erica Fascendini

The study of sensory responses has always been my main design input. A personal sensitivity towards the material took hold immediately, I have always wanted to modify the material as a means to influence the personality of the garment. Initially I studied the qualitative nature of the material, often looking for fabrics of natural origin. In a second moment I was studying how to embellish it by getting to know the various ways in which it can be manipulated, through experimentation and, in a third, how to make it subjective, the result is a chaotic aesthetic of handwork and superimposition of different materials. A particular sensitivity towards recycling and its various forms have prompted my curiosity to investigate how to personalize these issues by connecting them to my aesthetics. The commitment to ecological support has given the design input to reuse a waste material and repurpose it in a new guise. From the moment in which the waste material has a null value, it can only change and increase starting from its intended use.