Degrade is an experimental slow-fashion label that makes biodegradable bespoke jewelry that extends the shelf-life of organic matter. By breaking down traditional barriers in the fashion industry, their mission is to create a more holistic approach to jewelry making. Their aim is to offer jewelry pieces that gives back as much as it takes from nature, while simultaneously connecting people's inner child back to Mother Nature.  

All of Degrade's jewelry are handmade and preserved in biomaterial textile developed by the designer. Named "Bio-Resin" this biomaterial, unlike resin, is 100% biodegradable and safe for the environment.

The name "Bio-Resin" evokes a conversation about the harmful materials, such as resin, that are becoming popular in the fashion world. Resin is extremely harmful and toxic to the environment and it is being used increasingly more in the jewelry industry. The biomaterial textile developed by the designer is named “Bio-Resin” to counteract the “resin” trend.

About the Designer

Lē (@planet.le) is an international multi-disciplinary artist currently residing in Brooklyn, NY. They are the founder and lead designer of Degrade, the bio-based experimental label currently promoting biodegradable materials and textile explorations in the fashion world using a multi-faceted approach in systems, design & production.

Degrade's identity thrives on the systems and materiality the founder created, being the pillars their brand stands on. Degrade now has an ethical forager that gathers plant life from Upstate New York for the label(where all of our SS22 raw materials came from). The designer spends time with all of the raw materials used, researching their origins, uses in medicine, food and home life, and transforms them into beautiful body adornments.