Vesqmojo is a fashion label/creative studio created by Luc ALONSO in 2019,  now directed by himself and Julie TRIE.

Vesqmojo represents a new immersive vision of fashion, driven by a digital utopia. We are constantly looking for the symbiosis between two totally opposite techniques, analog and digital. From this contrast we create our aesthetics. This theme applies just as much to our selection of materials, as to our patterns, or techniques. Traditional fashion codes play an important part in our aesthetics as well as in our creative process. Start from the existing, from the historical, then restructure it, re-invent it completely to bring it to a new picture.

We are, as it seems, in incessant data search. We store, research, images, aesthetics, emotions around us, in the real and the virtual, which could inspire us. Tangible and digital materials form only one entity.

Hybridization is one of our main themes. Hybridization of styles, subcultures and genres. This hybridization, which is the main element of our creations, allows us to bring together, to create a link between different generations or different social-cultural groups. The vesqmojo collections are unisex which gives us better freedom of action.

With this immersive universe, vesqmojo represents a total experience by mixing fashion, music, design, collaborating with different artists. The aim is to offer more than just a clothing brand experience, to show a real universe you should try to live.

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