Disco Dime

Sophia Moreno, is a Metro-Detroit based artist and graphic designer, who birthed Disco Dime in the midst of the global pandemic due to her obsession with airbrush t-shirts. Since starting, her brand has grown into an outlet that's allowed her to push the boundaries of what femininity and self expression means to her.

Born in 1997, Sophia grew up in the 2000s with a teenage big sister, who she wanted to be just like. Naturally, she spent hours consuming all of the media, music, and pop culture that her sister did. Sophia has always been fixated on visual art/design and would spend hours dissecting the layout design in sister's Cosmo magazines, the typography in her album booklets, and the editing in the music videos playing on MTV. The excess and glitz of the 2000s and earlier continues to have a big influence on her work. She believes that graphic design does not have to be minimal or sterile to be taken seriously, evoke feeling, or to communicate effectively.