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Simulation ID

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The “Simulation” ID is made entirely from high-quality stainless steel and 1970's dead stock circuit boards. This necklace is inspired by classic military dog tags. Each ID is handmade using a hand-pressing antique Military tag machine.

Each circuit board dog tag design is unique and will vary from image.

24" & 4" Stainless steel ball chains
The pendant is approx 1” x 2” in size.
1970s-1980s vintage circuit board

This item is handmade.

Material: Stainless Steel, Silver/Mixed Metal infused on circuit board plastic

Details: Words punched into tag: CHAVARRI, NYC 1995, CLOSE YOUR EYES & TAKE A DEEP BREATH.

Dispatch Time: 2-3 business days

Care Instructions: The necklace is mainly stainless steel and waterproof, circuit board is composed of silver and other metals within and may tarnish when exposed to moisture. Store in the dust bag for the best care.

Size: Length:24" Width: 1" x 2" tag

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