• Prayer Mask
  • Prayer Mask

Mercy X Mankind

Prayer Mask

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All over signature printed open-back breathable face mask inspired by classical artworks. Dye cut holes at mouth for respiration. Unisex. Can accommodate longer hair styles for both males and females. Photograph: unknown. Made in New York.

Note from designer *please read before purchasing*

The act of worship being done in the image by the men is a term called "Salah" or prayer, usually performed by followers of the Islamic faith. The act is a peaceful, enlightening and meditative experience which Muslims, or followers of Islam, are required to perform 5 times a day. This piece was created as a testament to the love and unity we wish to spread throughout the world, regardless of creed, race or beliefs. if you are to purchase this piece, please try to treat it in a respectful manner, as the pictured act is often deemed sacred. We humbly request you to refrain from leaving the garment on the floor, entering bathrooms or wearing the piece at after hours establishments (nightclubs and gentlemen's lounges). The image pictured was taken in India, and as it is near impossible to find and compensate each individual pictured, we are instead donating 10% of the profits from every piece sold to Islamic Relief USA, an organization focused on helping needy and marginalized Muslim communities worldwide. For any further questions, please contact us at info@mercymankind.com for a prompt response. -Isaac | Founder.

This item is handmade.

Color: Grey

Material: Polyester Blend

Details: One size

Dispatch Time: 1-3 weeks

Care Instructions: Dry clean, or machine wash inside out on low temp.

In making a purchase, you are directly supporting small artists by contributing to the ap0cene fund for creatives. A portion of all proceeds will be allocated to the fund.