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Luna Moth

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All bags are handmade to order by artist Marissa Crider in Queens, NY.

The Luna Moth, just like her native city, is nocturnal. She has a muscular metallic black veneer in natural light, shimmers iridescent rainbows in low light, and is brighter than a full moon in flashing lights. Can you keep up with her mood swings? 

This item is handmade. 

Color: Holographic.

Material: Made of holographic Polypropylene fiber with black vinyl accent.

Details: The Luna Moth has a quilted moth design on the front of the bag.

 Size: Strap: 24" Body: 14"L x 9"H.

Dispatch Time: Please allow 7-14 days to ship.

In making a purchase, you are directly supporting small artists by contributing to the ap0cene fund for creatives. A portion of all proceeds will be allocated to the fund.