• Alien Goddess Nail Set
  • Alien Goddess Nail Set

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Alien Goddess Nail Set

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An insane blend of textures and colors to make all your futuristic dreams come true. These nails are very wearable but dramatic - best for those who have been visited by extraterrestrial forces. 

This item is handmade and certain sizes are made-to-order, expect additional processing time.

Color: Pink, blue, multicolor, orange, purple, silver, and pearl

Material: Soft gel

Details: Includes 10 nails in a standard small/medium/large size. Comes with glue, cuticle oil, and all prep and care essentials. Nail file included in kit that can be used for resizing and adjusting shape. 

Dispatch Time: Size small and medium will be shipped within 2-3 days. 

Care Instructions: Buff nails with nail file, push back cuticles with wooden stick, apply glue to nail tip and press on to nail. Hold for 10 seconds. Remove nails by soaking in acetone or warm soap and water if you would like to reuse them.

Size: Refer to size chart. The thumbs are a size 0 for the "Large" set. The thumbs are a 1/2 (between the 0 and 1) for the "Medium" set. The thumbs are a size 3 for the "Small" set.

Email us at customercare@ap0cene.com if you're interested in other sizes.

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