Vendor FAQ

Common Questions

If you sell made-to-order items then you will be responsible for shipping the completed product to the customer once the order is placed. If you sell one-of-a-kind pieces on consignment with us you may hold your own stock at your studio, or we may hold stock for you at an ap0cene facility- if you hold your own stock then you will be responsible for shipping directly to the customer. Any stock held by ap0cene will be shipped directly to the customer by ap0cene. All wholesale orders purchased by ap0cene will be held and shipped to the customer by ap0cene.
Yes! We will do our best to promote your designs and we will feature you on the ap0cene instagram and potentially any other ap0cene social media account or platform.
They will be returned to the designer.
The customer pays the shipping fee. We ask designers who will be shipping from their own studio to give us accurate shipping quotes to pass along to the customer.
We pay our designers through either ACH payment, international wire transfer, or PayPal. Designers choose their preferred payment method and will be paid out monthly or biweekly.

Please review our Vendor Ethics