Yo+ is a made-to-order knitwear and accessories company based in the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Founded in 2019 by sculptor Joma Segarra, Yo+ creates pieces from a new perspective that goes beyond the limits of conventional gender roles. 

Through the mindful selection of materials, shapes, and patterns, Yo+ creates designs that encapsulates life in the Caribbean tropics while paying homage to traditional Archipelago tailoring practices.

The SS-2022 collection uses the environmental deterioration of its surroundings as a way of calling attention to the connection between production and political context. From the color palette to the atypical forms and textures of their work, this self-taught designer points to some of the current global issues related to politics, fashion and sustainability. This collection lays the foundations for the future of the brand by adding recycled plastics and Peruvian Pima cotton while pointing to a change in the production philosophy that bets on the incorporation of alternative raw materials, bio-fabrication, and the development of a laboratory facility to research and to essay newer methodologies and ways of making.

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