• Cyber Ammonite Turtleneck
  • Cyber Ammonite Turtleneck

Snake Divine

Cyber Ammonite Turtleneck

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Very soft stretchy open knit vest with angora tie-up lace
little turtleneck with ruffled handcrafted overlock seams in cream.

Prints are handmade and a mixture of protection symbols and futuristic ammonite from another planet. for your excursions to excavate relics in different timezones.

All handmade by Rebecca in Kassel, Germany

This item is handmade.

Material: 55% viscose 45% polyester

Details: Angora lacing, ruffly seam details 

Dispatch Time: 2-3 business days.

Care Instructions: Hand wash, lay flat to dry; detach pendants before washing.

Size: One size XS to L