• Tall Sad Clown Chalice
  • Tall Sad Clown Chalice
  • Tall Sad Clown Chalice

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Tall Sad Clown Chalice

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Tall Sad Clown Chalice

Handmade ceramic chalice candle.
Heavily scented with a woodsy fragrance. As you burn this candle the wax will ooze out the chalice’s mouth.

6” tall. One of a kind.

SCENT : WOAD (Amber, Sweet Tabacco ,Timbersilk, Nutmeg, Sweet Woods, & Musk)

Handmade in Los Angeles by Dungeon Goods.

Color: Green

Material:  Black Mountain Stonewear Clay/ Ceramic, Soywax, fragrance oils, metallic stopper. 

Dispatch Time: 2-3 weeks

Care Instructions: Ceramic is fragile. Do not leave candle burning unattended. Please be weary of oozing wax. Place candle on a none precious surface.

Size: Height: 7"